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Diablo & Hellfire Mods
Featuring "Wrath of Hell"

There are many mods (modified versions of Diablo) available for download on the internet. These are all free and have brought back much excitement to this classic game. The best available mods (IMO) are: V&K Diablo, Retribution and Abysmal. All are terrific and quite challenging. Thanks to Charlie (retribution) I am also working on a mod (Wrath of Hell) with his ModMaker program. These files are available from the makers homepage, which are listed on my Links page. Another note: if you don't have Hellfire, you should buy it, it adds many new facets to the Diablo game and there are also some mods for it: V&K Hellfire, and Purgatory are the best (IMO). There are a few other mods for both Diablo and Hellfire, but none compete with the mods listed above.

Please use mods responsibly!! Do not attempt to import items or characters from mods into regular Diablo. Do not attempt to import items or characters from regular Diablo into mods. These practices are cheating in my opinion.


DiabloHack is required to play mods on bnet. To use start Diablo, Alt-Tab to desktop, Start DiabloHack, load and activate the desired mod, return to Diablo, choose Multiplayer and go onto bnet with your mod.
Download DiabloHack: DiabloHack2.1

Wrath of Hell: this is my new mod of diablo. There are many changes, new monsters, items, uniques, bosses, characters (sorta), prefixes, suffixes and bugs. HEHE. There are very few changes to the church area, this is to enable you to get your new character off to a good start. The new items/prefixes/suffixes/uniques are very powerful, but you will need them in hell.. so I hope you enjoy. Please inform me of any bugs/problems you may encounter, I will do my best to fix them. Personally, I think this is a good mod, it is not as difficult as V&K, Retribution or Abysmal, but is still a challenge. I want to thank Varaya & Khan, Charlie and Tommi for making great mods. Also, thanks to Tommi, I used Abysmal version 1 for the base of my mod, because it had some features I wanted implemented (15k gold per slot is most important). And thanks to Charlie, I used his ModMaker program for most of the changes. And I borrowed some ideas from all three of the great mods listed above. Also, Wrath of Hell saves character files using a different name, so it won't affect your regular Diablo characters. For more info about Wrath of Hell, see the new WOH info page or the new WOH monster chart page (updated for version 0.55).
Thanks, Flash

News: 12/14/99: I have tried several ways of increasing the difficulty levels for hell and nightmare to no avail. I may continue to work on that problem, but for now, I am playing regular Diablo.
Update: 10/21/99: for now, please check the forum for update news on version 0.56 and 0.57
Update: 10/15/99: Sorry for the quick update.. but I just had to. The unravelers group now works. you will find them in 2 locations, levels 5-7 (boss on 6) and levels 14-15 (boss on 15). Also changed lava maws to levels 12-13 instead of 12-14 boss is now on 13 and Ghost Wolf to levels 14-15 instead of 13-15 boss is on 14. Removed Stone Demons. Also, apparently the fix of the occasional crash going to level 14 didn't work.. I just get a different message, will continue to work on it.
Update: 10/14/99: Moved Adria and Wirt to town portal area, fixed the occasional crash going to level 14 (i think) added a new Unique item "Wild's Fire" a bastard sword
Update: 10/11/99: this is another morphing update. It should only affect a few items, suffixes 'life shield' and 'mana ac' are now available only on jewelry. Gratch the boss Gar is now fixed. he won't crash thew game on level 2. Worked on the Ghost Wolf monsters.. not sure if they still have invisible spit or not.. was visible in one game for me. Disable the Gnats.. unhappy with them.. will replace later. Still working on the Buma and Shadowen Golem bug.. they leave a ghost image after being killed by a golem, but i made them more rare until this is fixed. Still tinkering with a one-handed staff.. called a Wand.. if you have one.. expect it to morph. Also, due to recent changes, the WOH monster chart is not completely accurate, i will fix when changes are finished.
Update 10/4/99: major game crashing bugs in version 0.50 were fixed with version 0.52 and a few more minor bugs were fixed with version 0.52
News 9/30/99: WOH V0.50 will feature more new prefixes and suffixes, a new BattleStaff, a couple of fixed unique items, some faster monsters, some monsters with new features and a more densely populated dungeon (levels 5-15). After version 0.50, I will focus on renaming bosses and adjusting speeds of existing monsters.
News 9/29/99: the next update (Version 0.50) will probably cause some item mophing. I will keep both versions available on the page and the next version will be named Wrath5. Hopefully this will be the only item morphing update.

Update: 9/25/99 fixed 3 game crashing bugs.. version 0.41 should be the most stable so far

Wrath of Hell 0.55 and 0.57
Download (Dat form) Wrath of Hell Beta 0.57 (10/21/99): (Required to play on bnet)  Wrath of Hell 0.57 dat file
Download (exe form) Wrath of Hell Beta 0.55 (10/15/99): (only for offline play or play on fsgs) Wrath of Hell 0.55 exe file

Here is a quick fix for Abysmal V2+ : Abysmal V2+ dat file fixed the game crasher going to church.. I know Tommi is usually unavailable until weekends.. so i fixed it and made it available till he gets back.

For those of you new to mod play, here are some instructions:
For play on bnet:
1. download Diablohack
2. unzip Diablohack
3. create a shortcut to Diablohack
4. download Wrath of Hell dat file (zipped)
5. unzip Wrath of Hell dat
6. Start Diablo
7. Alt-Tab to desktop when Diablo reaches menu
8. Start Diablohack
9. Open Wrath of Hell dat file with Diablohack
10. Double click Wrath of hell dat file to activate
11. Alt-Tab back to Diablo
12. Continue starting your game, you are now playing Wrath of Hell, enjoy

For play offline (I recommend the Multiplayer option)
1. download Wrath.exe
2. unzip into your Diablo folder
3. Create a shortcut to Wrath
4. Double-click the shortcut to start Wrath of Hell.. enjoy