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Wrath of Hell Info

(these changes are for version 0.55 only)

Summary: Wrath of Hell features, increased hit points for most monsters, new monsters or old monsters with a new twist, more costly spellcasting, more available spells, new base items(higher requirements for most items), new unique items (some of the old uniques are still available), higher character statistics, 15k gold per inventory slot (this causes a gold bug when selling to Adria and Griswold, they will sometimes overpay you), removal of the three mana raping shrines and many new prefixes/suffixes (all cursed modifiers are out of the game).

Characters Stats (Starting/Maximum)
Character Str Mag Dex Vit
Knight 55/250 0/50 15/85 30/175
Archer 30/85 20/105 25/250 15/115
Wizard 15/65 45/250 25/155 5/40

I may change some other attributes in version 0.60 (swing, hit recovery, etc).


Most spells have increased mana requirements and there are a few new learnable spells: Identify, Infravision, Meteor Bolt (3 firebolts), Escape, Nova (35 mana min. 70,000 gp), Incarnation (res and 2 heal other), Thunder (3 lightning bolts), Apocalypse (125 mana min, 100,000 gp), Etherealize (temporary invulnerability from physical attack, 100 mana min, 50,000 gp), Flame Wave (3 flame waves in one now), Inferno (3 infernos), DivineBlast (3 holy bolts at once), maybe a new more powerful Charged Bolt and maybe a new Lightning Ball. Teleport now cost a minimum of 75 mana to cast. Chain Lightning and Fireball now cost a minimum of 30 mana to cast. Most spells require maximum spell level to reach minimum casting cost.


Removed the three mana rapist shrines: Fascinating, Ornate and Sacred.


New requirements and abilities on some old items: Staves and 2 handed swords have an AC rating.
I will implement some higher requirements if i can resolve the 127 maximum.

New Base Items
New Item Attribute Str Dex Other
BattleShield 20-30AC 127 90  
BattleHelm 18-29AC 107 90  
BattleCrown 14-23AC 80   40vit
BattlePlate 85-99AC 127 127  
War Axe 25-50 Damage 127 90  
Battle Sword 18-36 Damage 127 90 one hand
BattleWarBow 10-30 Damage 97 127  
Cossbow 6-14 Damage 30 127  
BattleStaff 15-30 Damage
50 50 90mag


All cursed modifiers have been removed. Some existing prefixes and suffixes have been modified. Resistance items (for: fire, lightning and magic have been increased to 75%), but not the to all resistance items, although Emerald is now available on jewelry. Two new suffixes for each: +str, +dex, +mag, + vit and + to all



Lunar +% to hit Berserk + damage done
Astral Shadow - damage taken
Armored + AC Defense + AC
Mortal +% damage Parrying
Lethal Avoidance
Elite +% to hit & damage Sight infravision
Divine +% AC Chance + to all 1-40
Lich's +mana Everyone no str req
Mage's mayhem steals 12.5% life
Wyrm's divinity add spell levels
Hydra's life shield AC added to life
    mana AC 10% mana added to AC

Monsters: I will probably change some of the speeds (walking, hitting, hit recovery and swing) in version 0.60

Monsters and Bosses
Picture Name Found HP/AC/to hit Special Boss Found
mage.gif (30498 bytes) Apprentice 4 7-12/10/20   Jafar 4
Undead Priest 10-12 70-100/40/95 barrel ShadowPriest 11
bonedemon.gif (22612 bytes) Bone Demon 6-8 140/55/70   Wrathskull the Dead 7
Litch Demon 13-14 200-220/85/115 lightning Wightwing 13
Undead Balrog 13-15 250/90/120 barrel Mephisto 13
butcher.gif (23732 bytes) The Butcher 2        
Dicer 7-9       9
Ogre 12-14       13
devilkinbrute.gif (11738 bytes) Goblin Lord 6-8       7
Hobgoblin 12-14       12
incinerator.gif (21410 bytes) Flame Lord 12-14        
The animation in the game is a bit messed up.. but it's different
invisiblelord.gif (12155 bytes) Creeper 6-8       7
Reality Weaver 14-15       14
leoric.gif (13398 bytes) Leoric 3        
Bonez 13-15       15
Skeleton Knights 14-15       14
lordsayter.gif (25221 bytes) Goat Lord 7-9 140-180/70/90   Scythe the Reaper 9
Grim Reaper 16 250/140/130 111-117 damage The Lord of Hatred & The Lord of Destruction 16
unraveler.gif (8274 bytes) Drakul 14-15        
Success!!! Thanks to Dr. Zeds advise, thse guys are now working. for version 0.55
thearchlitchmalignus.gif (21303 bytes) Evul Mage 13-14       13