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The info you will find here may have been copied from other sources, at least parts of it, or are just my own personal opinions, based upon hours and hours of gameplay.   This guide is really a compilation of many other guides. I deleted many things that I did not agree with, edited for more appropriate content in other places, left some sections completely alone, and wrote the rest.

Credits: Pedro for writing such a fantastic (Jarulf's) guide (much of his info is on this site) Also to Desslock for his Diablo guide. Many thanks to the people in Honor & Might from whom I have also learned so much. Also thanks to the players in AGD for so much advice. Rogue info much that is now there came from Shuri's site. Much of the mage and spell info came from Lok's site. And credit to Armin for various info. And of course Bolty and Gory for most of the Warrior info. Thanks to Sha, Shark, Valor, Rygar, Cullyn, ShadowHM, RockSteady, Charlie, Tommi, Varaya, Khan, Dr. Zed, Roelstra, Wildfire, Kalisto, Soul-Toucher and DR, so far for their help and advice

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two from this page. May your adventures now be easier than before. If you come across another item that you wished you could have learned here, please send an e-mail to: FlashNPan. Thanks for visiting.

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1/1/04 - I am updating a bit and making a few cosmetic changes. I may be adding a Worlds of Warcraft section in the near future.