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Diablo Shrines

Shrines are found on levels 1-8 (church and catacombs), cauldrons on levels 13-15 (hell) and fountains and pools on levels 1-8 and also on levels 13-16. Rarely you will also see them in level 9-12 (caves). Goat shrines are possible on any level that have Goat Men or Goat Archers (level 4-9). This shrine list is from Jarulfs Guide.

Shrines in   Diablo
Name of Shrine Shrine Message Effects
Abandoned Shrine "The hands of men may be guided by fate" +2 dexterity
Blood Fountain [No message] Restores 1 life each time it is used
Cauldron [Message related to the effect] Random effect
Creepy Shrine "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith" +2 strength
Cryptic Shrine "Arcane power brings destruction" Casts a Nova spell and restores mana
Divine Shrine "Drink and be refreshed" Restores health and mana, gives two full potion rejuvenation, or one full potion of mana and one full potion of life
Eerie Shrine "Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self" +2 magic
Eldritch Shrine "Crimson and Azure become as the sun" All potions become rejuvenation potions
Enchanted Shrine "Magic is not always what it seems to be" Lose 1 spell lvl for one spell (2 if it is at level 15), all other known spells gain 1 lvl
Fascinating Shrine "Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom" Lose 10% of maximum mana and increases Firebolt 2 spell levels
Fountain of Tears [No message] +1 to one attribute, -1 to another attribute
Glimmering Shrine1 "Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason" Identifies all items in your inventory
Goat Shrine [Message related to the effect] Random effect
Gloomy Shrine2 "Those who defend seldom attack" +2 AC to all armor, -1 max damage to all weapons
Hidden Shrine "New strength is forged through destruction" -10 durability to one item equipped, +10 durability to all others (never destroys an item)
Holy Shrine "Wherever you go, there you are" Casts a Phase spell
Magical Shrine "While the spirit is vigilant the body thrives" Casts a Mana Shield spell
Murky Pool [No message] Casts an Infravision spell
Mysterious Shrine "Some are weakened as one grows strong" +5 to one attribute, -1 to all others
Ornate Shrine "Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom" Lose 10% of maximum mana and increases Holy Bolt 2 spell levels
Purifying Spring [No message] Restores 1 mana each time it is used
Quiet Shrine "The essence of life flows from within" +2 vitality
Religious Shrine "Time cannot diminish the power of steel" Restores all items to full durability
Sacred Shrine "Energy comes at the cost of wisdom" Lose 10% of maximum mana and increases Charged Bolt 2 spell levels
Secluded Shrine "The way is made clear when viewed from above" Gives complete map of current level
Spiritual Shrine "Riches abound when least expected" Gives a small amount of gold to each empty slot in your inventory
Spooky Shrine3 "Where avarice fails, patience gains reward" (user),

"Blessed by a benevolent companion!" (others)

All other players get life restored
Stone Shrine "The powers of mana refocused renews" Restores charges in all staves
Tainted3 "Those who are last may yet be first" (user), "Generosity brings its own reward" (others) User gets +1 to one attribute, other players get -1 to all attributes
Thaumaturgic Shrine2 "What once was opened now is closed" Refills chests on current level
Weird Shrine1,2 "The sword of justice is swift and sharp" +1 max damage to all weapons in inventory
1 Effect only lasts for that game.
2 Only available in single player.
3 Only available in multi player.
Blue text.. good shrine
Black text.. neutral shrine
Red text.. bad shrine

Shrine Tips

For Eldritch shrines, you may want to fill your inventory with all of the red and blue potions you can hold before using it, to maximize the benefit you get.

Be careful of the Glimmering shrine if you are using an unidentified item on purpose (e.g., Gotterdamerung).

For the Hidden shrine, there are a couple of approaches to take:

  1. If you want to increase the durability of a single item (e.g., Thinking Cap), take off all of your good equipment and replace it with junk. Be sure to carry a single-handed weapon, a shield, and a piece of armor. This makes it less like that the one item you want to increase will be the one to lose durability.

  2. You can use the shrine to get a net increase in durability. Just wear all of the items you want to use and touch the shrine. One will go down, but the rest will go up. Repeat every time you find a hidden shrine, and odds are that no piece will be decreased repeatedly.

For Spiritual shrines, empty your inventory before touching them to maximize the amount of gold you get.

When encountering a Tainted shrine, ask other players before using it!

Don't use Goat Shrines or Cauldrons !!! None of the positive effects you could get are worth the chance of losing 10% of your total mana permanently. Note that 3 of the 25 shrines will do this, so the odds are not good....

Be sure to have a list of Shrines handy. Some shrines should be avoided at all costs (those that decrease your total mana permanently, for example). When you find a good shrine (Hidden or Enchanted, for example) let others know before you use it. The Enchanted Shrine, for example, is very valuable to a person who can no longer read books but is not at level 15 on many spells (i.e., most high level rogues or warriors). A person who can still read quite a few books should allow such a person to use that shrine. Evaluate the effects of the Shrine and who could most benefit from its use. The person farthest from maximum dexterity should use an Abandoned Shrine (assuming all characters are rogues). Be considerate in using shrines, and refrain from using ones that affect other players.

The Church and Catacombs, while not offering high quality items, do offer benefits of their own: shrines and books. A moderate level Rogue or Warrior can clear the Church in less than an hour (by using Teleport, Chain Lightning and Flame Wave). Once you need 255 to read a spell book, you'll want to search for Enchanted Shrines. On Hell Difficulty, the Church and Catacombs are still fairly easy and even a level 40 Rogue or Warrior will pick up some experience points there. Searching for shrines can help increase your statistics (e.g., Dexterity with Abandoned Shrines) and increase your spell levels. Many Mages search repeatedly for Hidden Shrines to boost the durability of a Thinking Cap. (On the topic of Enchanted Shrines: my "policy" is that a Mage should never be use an Enchanted Shrine when Rogues or Warriors are in a game. Mages can easily reach level 15 on all of their spells by finding and buying spell books, Rogues and Warriors cannot.)