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Download section

Please use third party programs responsibly. Do not use them to create dupes or gain an advantage over other players or monsters.

Program Uses and explanations
Sub Bot 0.90 A very nice bot for controlling and managing a channel on bnet. Many commands are available and custom scripting is quite easy for custom commands.
DiabloSaver DiabloSaver info only:
Fix Hack button.. this will destroy all items that DiabloSaver thinks is a hack or dupe.
DiabloSight DiabloSaver's/DiabloSight's Key for Showing Character Attributes :
*HONORABLE = The Player Name was found on the Honorable Player List
~ = Hacked Character Attribute, too high or in invalid range.
? = Seeming Hack or Dupe in an area of memory that may not be reliable.
+999 = Hacked Attribute with numeric value too large to display on screen.
*** Ears! = count of ears in inventory (other than their own ears).

DiabloSaver's/DiabloSight's Key for Showing Item Attributes :
i = indestructable
* = indestructable hack
'~' indicates any detected hacked items,
(Incorrect Indestructability, Too many Charges, or Invalid Uniques)
'?', indicates any duplicates to pack data (unreliable data)
'#', indicates any duplicates to equip data (more reliable)
'>', indicates any commonly duplicated items (per DiabloDupes.ini)
'+', '*', for dupes to pack/equip data AND a common duplicate

Hacked Item Attributes:
Hacked Items will have a list of values in parens (),
to help show hidden hacked item attributes.
c = hacked magical spell charges
d = hacked durability
sp = single player unique
? = unable to identify unique
L = Level of Hacked Item (byte 4, item origin level minus upper bits)
u = usage type of hacked item (byte 8, encoded item type)

Diablo can actually produce Duplicate Items! Even in the same game!  Most often I have seen diablo duplicate potions. This is common!

Cheaters can duplicate other people's items in the same game! Even while item is in your inventory!!

"Common Dupes" can always also be found Legitly, though rarely!

When people move their equipment in their pack to ground or equipment, Diablo often Does Not Refresh Inventory Pack Memory of other players! This can cause DiabloSaver to show Incorrect Dupes in pack items, while Equipped will show correctly.

Due to packet loss and various Diablo BUGS Sometimes Diablo does not update Equipped Items when people resurrect! Although this most often happens to cheaters using No Drops At Death, It CAN ALSO Happen to Anybody, though more rarely!

The point of showing dupes is for a warning of "POSSIBLE" cheating, to help people who trade items in "PUBLIC" games, where cheaters commonly hang out, pretending to be legit.
DiabloDupes This is an extended list of common dupes for DiabloSaver/Sight.
Diablo Equipment Utility This is a very nice program that will help you find out if a piece of equipment is possible to find or buy and the best place to find or buy it. I don't agree with all of its results, but it is correct(or nearly correct) in most cases. This is a link to the authors site.
Bnet Buddy A bot type program that tracks your friends on bnet. (link to site)
Bnet Optimizer This program organizes the bnet servers according to fastest ping times, then writes that order to registry for Diablo to use in proper order of fastest to slowest server. (link to site)
Jarulf's Guide This is a must read. Packed with info. (link to Jarulfs site.)