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Here are some pics of the new shard: FlashNPan_1-19_22.45 (253K) My tower showing new ores, furs, ethys, an ice mare, some rares, cleric spells, druid spells, spellcrafting book (adds magic to items), my armor and bow (power crafted with power crystals) and more. FlashNPan_1-19_23.57 (181K) The Trash Reward Interface. Trash your junk, earn tokens and buy rewards! You can also use the [sac command on corpses to earn tokens. It takes a long time to earn enough for an ethereal mount! FlashNPan_1-19_23.59-1 (212K) The new and improved West Brit Bank. We also removed the jewelers to create an annex for all the banks profits. FlashNPan_1-20_00.01 (186K) This is the former Orc Brute room, now an ore elemental haven. A Mytheril elemental is on screen and an Aqua and Valorite are nearby, all are randomly spawning. This does not make for the most peaceful mining, but perhaps the most productive! FlashNPan_1-20_00.05 (196K) This is just a testing area for me, the juka overlord is quite strong! FlashNPan_1-20_00.07 (182K) Yes, we have Vampires! Very nasty vampires too, they really chase you, I mean, THEY RUN!!! I hope you have a mount! We also have werewolves, evil spellcrafters, new dragons and many many more!