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Homepage of the yet-to-be-named shard for UO.

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Welcome to The Un-Named Shard News!

I have added many many scripts to the shard. Most were just downloads from the RunUO page, but some are my own scripts. Check the "Additions" page.

Some Highlights of recent additions:

Spellcrafting system is available to add AOS modifiers to weapons, armor and jewelry. Spellcrafting book and gems are available only as loot from the Guardian of the Magics (evil NPC). Beware when crafting the gems are unstable and may backfire causing harm to user or even destroying the item.

Druid spells - unleash the powerful forces of nature with these new magics.

Cleric spells - pray to the gods for divine magics to defeat opponents or enhance your parties abilities.

Ten additional ores and ore elementals

Six new types of lumber - currently scripting their addition to the bowcrafting menu and a new magic axe, smilar to the gargoyle pickaxe to unleash tree spirits (elementals) while lumberjacking.

One new leather and scale (mid level) with more in developement.

Vampires - a very strong mage type opponent, very fast, best if you are mounted. Special loot is a non blessed hooded robe.

Werewolves and Yetti - strong shapeshifter opponent, possible loot is light, dark or white fur.

Trash reward system - recycle your trash, earn tokens to buy items such as dye tubs, ethereal mounts, statuettes (more than osi) and more items being developed.

Auction board - place your items on the in game auction board for easy sales!

Plans are being developed for themed dungeons. Most dungeons will have monsters of the same type only. We have nine new gargoyles for you to fight as you work your way to the Dungeon "Boss" The Gargoyle King. Nine new Ophidians including "The Mistress of Snakes", a dungeon boss which spawns "death serpents" much like the bog thing spawns boglings, but much much more difficult.

More monsters for themed dungeons in planning stages: dragons, jukas, meers, ogres, ratmen, orcs, savages, lizardmen, daemons, harpies, undead and perhaps more.

New "Power" items enhanced with special magics to help you defeat these new and powerful foes. Similar in nature to OSI jukabows, these must be modified, not with gears, but with power crystals. There is a chance of failure which may result in injury or destruction of the item. These items cannot be repairs by normal means, they may only be repaired by "item repair crystals" found as loot on some monsters, and similar to the mification process, may fail causing injury to user or destruction of the item.

In developement: "a summoning ball", NOT a pet summoning ball, this will bring forth a random foe for you to defeat.

In developement: Good Dragons, with special hides and scales, anyone wearing armor crafted from these hides or scales will lose karma and be autotargetted by Good Dragons.

In developement: possible addition of runic hammers and sewing kits to the trash reward system.

In developement: Ancient Runes with magical abilities to add to crafted weapons and/or armor, possibly forming Ancient Runewords of Power, greatly enhancing the item.

In developement: Paladin Mount and quest for paladin to be granted his/her mount.


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