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This is merely a listing of the additions and credits for the scripts to our shard.

New Gargoyles by FNP(me)
New Ophidians by FNP
Power Weapons and Armor(armor is incomplete) by FNP
Item Repair Crystal by FNP
New Elementals(incomplete) for Lumber by FNP
New Rares(incomplete)by FNP
Snakeskin leather and scales(incomplete) by FNP
Vampires by
Werewolves and Yettis by
Trash Reward System by
Slayer Quest by
Santa Quest by Fury
Solen Quests by Fury and
Plant System by
Colored Beetles by
Ores and Logs by Triel_Toria
SpellCrafting by TheOutkastDev
Druid Spells by Voran
Cleric Spells by
New Artifacts by joshw
Ice Mares by
Auction Board by
Armor Bless Deed by
wild stallions by
white stag by
bloodwyrm by draco
bloodyimpaler by draco
Scholar Quest by Fury?
Skillball by
GuardianOfTheMagics(part of spellcrafting) by TheOutkastDev
skillstone by BloodOak by
DarkSpawn by
Drow by
Electrocutioner by